Cedefindo Invests in Latest Micronization Technology

02 December 2013

In keeping with their longstanding commitment to implementing the latest production processes, Cedefindo on 2nd December 2013 installed a micronization system to be used in the production of cosmetic powders. The new system, imported from Europe and the newest addition to the company’s state of the art facilities at their 9,000 m2 factory in Bekasi, West Java, will streamline the production of decorative make up powders; effectively combining four operation phases that previously required three different machines into a single manufacturing phase.

Moreover, with this system’s improved dispersion of pigments and ability to consistently micronize powder particles to ultra specific standards, Cedefindo no longer needs to dedicate its highly trained human resources to time consuming sieving processes formerly needed to guarantee uniformity in powder fineness. The micronization technology also allows the company to create a wider range of powder types, ranging from the more common decorative make up products with particle sizes between 80 to 150 microns to the ultra fine, premium quality cosmetic powders with particle sizes closer to the lower limit of touch perception at 50 microns.

Cedefindo recognizes the importance of evolving with the needs of a maturing Indonesian consumer market and has been active in investing in more efficient manufacturing facilities to spur capacity growth and ensure that the company is able to meet growing demand for cosmetic goods. With similar productivity boosting machinery being implemented in other areas of the company’s operations, such as packaging and filling, Cedefindo provides its highly trained human resources with the tools to succeed in reaching the height of their potential and is well positioned to serve the influx of customers looking to tap into increasingly lucrative markets in the ASEAN region.