Cedefindo Initiates Partnership with an American Skincare Brand

03 June 2016

Cedefindo, a premium cosmetics manufacturer, in 2015 initiated a partnership with a market-leading beauty brand from the United States. Through the company’s latest venture, Cedefindo has manufactured roll-on deodorants and feminine wash products, further demonstrating Cedefindo’s standing as a company striving for innovation. The company continues to showcase its renowned skillset in developing new high-quality products, illustrating its capacity to appeal to a diverse array of consumer bases – a similar corporate approach upheld by its partner.

In January 2015, Cedefindo's partner launched its feminine wash product line followed with the introduction of its roll-on deodorants to the domestic retail market; the aforementioned products are only made available in Indonesia. Cedefindo manufactured 100,000 bottles of the feminine wash product from September until December 2015 demonstrating its capability to efficiently undertake large-scale manufacturing projects. With continued sales growth for these products, Cedefindo is expected to increase its production capacity as it looks to capitalise on the country’s increasing demand for cosmetic products and further its market presence in Indonesia.