Cedefindo Spearheads Baby Care Product Manufacturing

14 September 2016

Since early 2016, leading cosmetics manufacturer Cedefindo continues to increase its production capacity for baby care products. The company made its entry in the lucrative segment in 2012 and has since proceeded in expanding upon its product portfolio. Currently, Cedefindo has the capacity to manufacture mouthwash for infants, diaper rash creams, baby oil, baby talcum powder, and toothpaste for children amongst a range of other product selections.

Cedefindo’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes as well as streamlined operations therefore ensures efficiency in the production line; this ability remains as the company’s upper-hand in the industry. As such, Cedefindo has initiated long-term partnerships with prominent companies specialising in infant and children care products. Furthermore, as the global baby care product market is expected to reach $66.8 billion USD in 2017 (Transparency Market Research), Cedefindo is well-positioned to maximise its growth trajectory in this highly-competitive sector by increasing the volume of production for infant skin care and toiletries products.

Cedefindo’s longstanding experience coupled with versatility in regards to the company’s manufacturing capacity continues to be the driving force behind its numerous industry successes. Moving ahead, Cedefindo is ready to further participate in the expanding growth of the global baby care market through additional partnerships with blue-chip clients in the sector.