Cedefindo Launches New Pomade Products

30 September 2016

Leading premium cosmetics manufacturer Cedefindo recently started the production of pomade products. This initiative also positions Cedefindo as the first local producer of pomade in Indonesia, a testament to the company’s efforts to stay ahead of the latest consumer trends in hair care products. Utilising the company’s cutting-edge machinery and years of experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry, Cedefindo is well-positioned to cater to this growing market demand in Indonesia.

Through its stringent manufacturing capabilities, Cedefindo has produced water-based pomade allowing users to consistently have the desired hold and style of their hair. The water-based formula is also advantageous for the warmer climate thus demonstrating Cedefindo’s ability to manufacture products that are versatile and long-lasting. Furthermore, the aforementioned product has been utilised by prominent hair care brands in Indonesia as well as in Europe and North America, illustrating Cedefindo’s strive to constantly develop their research and development division.

The success of Cedefindo’s latest venture is largely credited to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in addition to its adept research and development team and their dedication towards product innovation. This makes Cedefindo the ideal partner for hair care brands looking to bolster their brand names in the local and global stage.