Cedefindo Appointed as Hygiene Product Manufacturer

17 October 2016

In 2015, esteemed cosmetics and beauty product manufacturer Cedefindo became appointed as a hygiene product producer for a leading international brand operating in Indonesia. The partnership enables Cedefindo to produce a large selection of hygiene products which includes hand sanitizers and toilet seat cleaners. The company’s years of experience in the industry coupled with its versatile manufacturing capabilities complements its partnership with the globally-renowned brand.

Utilising the company’s advanced research & development division, Cedefindo ensures that the hygiene product line features balanced moisture levels and antibacterial technology. Cedefindo’s in-depth knowledge of the local market enables the company to garner immense understanding on the needs of Asian consumers and thus boasts the capacity to tailor suit its products to wide-ranging market segments. As such, the company is well-prepared to manufacture large-scale hand sanitary products for its partner; Cedefindo has additionally distributed the hygiene products to a selected number of commercial venues across Jakarta. Cedefindo’s most recent cooperation with the industry-leading washroom and hygiene services company serves as a successful example of its extended corporate efforts to diversify its scope of production.