Cedefindo Welcomes Collaboration with International Beauty Companies

30 May 2017

Cedefindo has forged ahead in implementing its corporate plans to increase the number of the company’s partnerships with international beauty brands from 2017 onwards. As a highly reliable cosmetics manufacturer in Indonesia, Cedefindo has accumulated years of experience in accommodating to the demands of its blue-chip client portfolio. Currently, the company is the appointed OEM cosmetics producer for seven multinational companies (MNCs) and going forward, Cedefindo is striving to engage in business partnerships with approximately ten MNCs.

To anticipate the expected growth resulting from a higher number of business relations, Cedefindo has undertaken measures ranging from adding new machinery, attaining industry-relevant certifications that will expand upon its capabilities as an OEM manufacturer. In understanding the highly-competitive cosmetics industry on a national and global scale, Cedefindo thus prioritises on its research and development division. This measure hence has strategically positioned Cedefindo in the cosmetics industry where the company is renowned for manufacturing premium quality decorative makeup, aerosols, ointments, and skin care products among a variety of other product types. Among its latest development is the capacity to manufacture eyebrow pomade, lip two-tone, and BB cushion cream under its already wide-ranging decorative makeup variety; Cedefindo is well-prepared to assist beauty brands interested in tapping into the Indonesian market for the production of the aforementioned products.

Under its expansion plans, the company remains open to collaborating with companies from around the world. Previous experiences included partnerships with companies from Russia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. With an expected production capacity that is set to double through the realisation of its corporate plans, Cedefindo is poised to additionally carry out development plans for its production facilities in the coming years. As the Indonesian cosmetics industry continues its upward trajectory, Cedefindo remains optimistic that it can uphold its industry standing as an esteemed cosmetics manufacturer in Indonesia offering unparalleled services