Formaldehyde Test

27 July 2018

In accordance with the Regulation of HEAD OF THE MINISTER OF DRUG AND FOOD CONTROL OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA NUMBER 17 YEAR 2014 concerning the Requirements of Heavy Metal Contamination in Cosmetics which includes Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd) have restrictions on the following requirements:

Types of contamination


Mercury (Hg)

no more than 1 mg/kg or 1 mg/L (1 bpj)

Lead (Pb)

no more than 20 mg/kg or 20 mg/L (20 bpj)

Arsenic (As)

no more than 5 mg/kg or 5 mg/L (5 bpj)

Cadmium (Cd)

no more than 5 mg/kg or 5 mg/L (5 bpj)

So the content of heavy metals in cosmetics is still allowed with certain restrictions. Thus the use of "non mercury" claims for now is not allowed.