Cedefindo Installs New Sachet Filling Machine

11 November 2014

Cedefindo in November 2014 announced its successful installation of a new sachet filling machine that will facilitate greater efficiency within the company’s production process. To be used in filling 4-side sealed sachets with liquid products, this machine was imported from Italy and operates at a maximum speed of between 45 to 50 cycles per minute.

Cedefindo intends to implement this new technology when filling its extensive range of cosmetics - which includes decorative make-up, toiletries, skin care, and fragrances – into standard rectangular sachets as well as into the more specialised tube-shaped sachets.

These sachet types allow for a liquid volume of between 6 to 10 ml.

The installation of a new sachet filling machine follows quickly on the heels of Cedefindo’s investment in the latest micronization technology to streamline the production of decorative make-up powders.